Sports Lounge
Dzit Sports Lounge
It's Game Time!

Where Life Happens


Pronounced : [Zeet], Meaning "Life". 

A new type of night life experience not

yet seen.  An integration of all of life's

pleasures into one premier location.


A unique concept integrating all the

features to enjoy about bars: dancing,

sports, chic design, and a view.  We 

allow you to mix and match the

components important to you because

only you can create your perfect life

experience.  Dzit is just where it



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Hours of Operation

            Sunday 10am-10pm

             Monday 12pm-12am

            Tuesday 12pm-12am

            Wednesday 12pm-12am

            Thursday 12pm-2am

            Friday 12pm-2am

            Saturday 12pm-2am

1234 Fake St.

San Jose, CA 95112